Generate images and videos with a delightful AI-powered design tool.


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Unlike any other tool you've used before

Meticulously designed to put the latest AI research at your fingertips.

The 21st Century Canvas

No need for complex tools or software; your keyboard alone is the gateway to endless creative possibilities.

Your Personal AI

With just a few sample images you can create your tailor-made AI that aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

Built for creatives

KREA lets you have full control over the AI to achieve professional results.

Design Anything

More than 2,500 AI models to achieve the exact style and quality you're looking for.

bedroom design example


AI training

Train an AI engine in your own style

Smart object removal.

Detect and remove object automatically

Stable diffusion XL

Integrate new stable diffusion model as an AI engine

Dark mode

Canvas and UI dark mode

KREA feed

Update KREA feed to showcase AI generations from users

Improved image variations

Better quality and accuracy on variations

Community AI trainings

Access to AI models trained by the community

Stable Diffusion XL Stylize

Allow to use Stable Diffusion XL in Stylize

Pattern tool

Allow to create images conditioned on patterns.

KREA tutorials

Show workflows with KREA in different use cases


Share your work with the community in your profile page


Generate with a prompt on a specific region of the image

New canvas design

Canvas re-design with solutions to main UX issues.

Mobile support

Allow to use KREA with a smartphone

Image prompts

Use images as prompts in your generations

Mix Community AI models

Combine the style of multiple custom AI models

"Aesthetic mode"

Create aesthetic images with simple prompts.

Real-time AI training

AI learns about your aesthetic preferences while using KREA.

AI image editor

New tool in KREA focused on image editing with AI